Chinese Companies and Acquisitions

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Chinese Companies and Acquisitions

Postby taisho » Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:48 pm

Bright Food Group of China has studied several acquisitions in Australia in the food, dairy and wine industry. Bright Foods purchased a 75 percent interest in Manassen Foods. Brights is considering small to medium Australian businesses regarding joint venture opportunities.
Manassen Foods is the foundation for Bright’s international food business with a goal of increasing its international business by 1/3 in 5 years.
Bright Food receives investment advice from the large Japanese investment firm.
Manassen distributes over 70 brands, such as Angas Park, Ryvita, Walkers, Bovril, Coffex Coffee, Lemnos Foods, McVities Biscuits, Sharwood's Curry, Trident Sauce and Sunbeam Sultanas.
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