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U.S. President John F. Kennedy



Asia:  THE Rising Business Power

The world now realizes that Asia has regained its place internationally. The Asian energy and risk-taking is palpable.  Asia is creating economic and political power proportionate to the region’s size and population.
This transformation has many aspects and attributes, including the enormous demand in high quality investment opportunities worldwide.  Out of the top 10 countries in the world for top product and managerial demand, 3 are in Asia:  Japan, China and India.
Before the global financial crisis, Asia was growing at an amazing rate, propelled by foreign investment and exports.  Based upon those financial successes, Asia has been quietly investing in North America.  After the financial crisis, the trend has even accelerated.
After the crisis, the first region to rebound was Asia.  Asia’s banking, financial and consultancy industries bounced back first and those resilient companies have been expanding in terms of growth and influence.

China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Seoul
The Asian vigor is tangible.  In part, due to their progressive and educational values, Asian exploration in business opportunities and workforce has progressed dramatically from cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei.  As such, Asian businesses offer new knowledge and opportunities that may not be available in North America and Europe. 
Asian businesses and investors have been creating wide-ranging international business and investment experience and growth.  That progression has been achieved by Asian companies and multinationals that do business in the region and worldwide.
Understanding the Asian ethos, values and methods of businesses in the world’s fastest growing region is essential for businesses.  Asian demand for business opportunities is insatiable. 
There are several investment trends and idiosyncrasies within the Asian regional market that deserve close attention.

Asian Business Investment
South East Asia countries have excellent economies and are demanding growth opportunities.  In China, creative companies are seeking valuable investment opportunities.  
There is also the issue of reputation. At the same time, robust Asian business ethics offer powerful messages to the business community.  North American and European have commanded the interests of many powerful investors.  Asian businesses have adopted new business practices.  For example, Chinese companies are developing impressive new methods of competing in the international marketplace.
Knowledge of developing, risk-taking Asian businesses and markets is essential.


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